Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Makes Tail Wagging a Joy - Valley Stories - Nashville Antiques October 2011

Fresh fruit? or am I stoned?

Karen Buckingham - TX.

They were young, strong, and willing.

Jon Stigler - IN.

Board? Have a sandwich, they were stacked and ready to go.

Matthew Ehresman

Varied views along the trail made the campaign interesting.

Jeff Walton - Ohio

Intersecting points strengthened interest.

Kim & David Leggett - TN.

Fresh to market was offered and accepted.

Robert Perry

Refreshing expectations promised.

David Zabriskie

Celebrity sightings included the rapper -

Don Denkins - Hawaii

and Marlene Dietrich doppelganger.

Jon Stigler - IN.

For who the tin toled.

Suzanne Baker - IN.

As always the Maine attraction was antiques.

Bill Kelly - Maine

Ignore this sign.  Hunting on these premises is always allowed.

Rail traffic was lighter than expected, but was offset by pedestrian enthusiasm.

Sue Hartman - Ma.

Blues lovers told friends of opportunities to be found.

Can someone please identify owner?

Although this was a dry area, beer was spotted.

Tom & Rosie Cheap - IN

Color, form, and perfectly arranged is difficult to ignore.

Suzanne Baker - Indiana

Live strong, the house of tiers will make your planned tramp a reality!

Worden Select Objects - Mi

Many pillars of the empire sought possession.

Robert Perry Antiques - NY

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Craig & Nancy Cheney - Ohio

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1 comment:

  1. I would have gone with either-
    "Famous rapper in attendance was forced to adjust self worth for inflation" or
    "Curtis Jackson & Anfernee Hardaway joined forces".