Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ann Arbor Antiques Market 2012

Compilation of the Ann Arbor Antiques Market, May - October 2012, as viewed, compiled, edited, selected and prejudicially place by the Antique Show Wanderer.
"Any resemblance to actual persons -- living or dead -- is purely coincidental."
Vague innuendos may be interpreted to fit personal fancy.

Glazing to the east, opportunity is envisioned.

Worden Select Objects - MI.

The fruits of the history are within grasp.

Barry Ezrin - ONT.

The palette of diversity is gathered for focus.

Doug McEnroe - MI.

Inspiration is offered, free of charge.

Gloria Oviatt - MI.

With an eagerness for nourishment
 fulfillment is at hand.

Scott Lippert - MI.

Everything has parts, but wholeness is inseparable.

Darien Smith - MI.

Calmness provides clarity.

Charles Gerhardt - OH.

All is connected, perspective provides insights.

Kathy Rosenquist - MI.

The obvious is often obscure.

Lynn Worden  - MI.

"Follow my lead"

Peter Nee - VA.

Venus progeny sweet on airwaves, blinded as light dims. 
Or explosion of consciousness close at hand.

Butter Beans - MI.
Tao of Restoration - MI.

Vintage is most advantageous.

Darwin Bearley - OH.

Standing on the corner watching the girls go by.

Golden dazzler refuses to confess.

Darwin Bearley - OH.

A burl of 21 waves outshines Victoria.

Tom Brown - IN.

Private seating shows signs of change in direction.

Roland Dallaire - PA.

Gnawing concerns of conservationism? 
Stop, stare, and spring.

Marta & Don Orwig - IN.

Breaking news - humane life floats unobserved by bowler.

Worden Select Objects - MI.

Blueprint revealed from Swiss factory!

Tom Brown - In.

Ann Arbor Antiques Market -  all you desire is here.

Peter Nee

Mother of young Yo Yo studies for vanishing point.

Mongenas - Ohio

Automaton spikes punch as tramp posts forest finds.
 Sailor cleans up aftermath.

Oakland Art & Antiques - MI.

Rare Elba entices young Dynamite for Eden island tour. 

 Claude & Sharon Baker - OH.

Tree of life has many branches.

Pine Tree Hill Antiques - MI.

Define desires to produce final satisfaction.

Anthony (Tony) Diagommoc - OH.

Iconic major sets path for the well worn.

Ridgefield Gallery - MI.

Yesterday is today's child...tomorrow never reaches maturation.

Worden's - MI.

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