Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The sky was clear, the moon was full and the eclipse was evident.

Missouri Plain Folk - Missouri

Pullet or not the Crowing Rooster left little on the Platter.

Gloria Oviatt - Michigan

Dog with Bow begs for Ort from Firkin.

Jeff Walton - Ohio

Ovum to rest in your Nest?

Oakland Art & Antiques - Michigan

Saturation, is often determined by Destination. 

Scott Lippert

Celestial Orbits recycle  Eventuality.

Worden Select Objects

Harmonious ambiance is exuded by outward flowing of inner perspective.
And avoidance of non self external influences.

Pole of Market shows movement towards the Left.

Dennis Raleigh - Maine

Hearts Desire Radiates Warmth of Sharing.

David Cotton - Indiana

Take the Pledge Invest in Good.

Robert Ketelhut - Michigan

Blank Planked Fish Currency Exchanged

Barry Ezrin - Ontario

Savvy Traders Quench Thrist with Bilingual Coke.

Dexter - Michigan

Bovine Signing Limited to Ruralists.

- Wisconsin

Time worn dating certified by hands on practice.

Country Gentlemen - Ann Arbor

The Moon waned as currents were missed by ancestral gathers.

Sharon & Claude Baker - Ohio

Great Time with Good Friends

Louise & Chuck - Zimmerville

For a few more photos of Ann Arbor Antiques Market click on link - https://picasaweb.google.com/104143460736784710324/2011121102?authkey=Gv1sRgCMrDiqybw9bcuwE#

Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Days 3 Ideas 3 Oaks Or Why Liver is Near Trilogy

With only a light rain forecast for the the day, I decided on a ride to Trilogy in Three Oaks, Michigan.
Commentators note: steady rain from 12am - 12am

Karen & John McNelis - Niles, Mi

I arrived slightly disheveled and famished from my 70 mile ride.


Luckily, Trilogy offered quite a spread. 
Disclaimer, fare not suited for all palates.

Laura Soskin - Wilmette, Il.

Fortunately the line was short as many had already eaten loafs & fishes.
Note: The Goodyear blimp appeared to have been seasonally festooned.

Harvey - Evanston, Il.

Being so close to beautiful Lake Michigan I briefly considered going for a swim, but local lifeguard advised against it due to high tide. 

Also due to time constraints, I decided instead to pick up a few shells for the shore.

T. Moth - Hillsville, Mi

Roman's bare boned approach to the tower of desire left little in the tithe cup.

Brandon Nelson - Michigan

Props were gathered for the upcoming production of "Pickers in Paradise"

Worden Select Objects - Burr Oak, Mi.

The regional Sunday practice of grinding the gossip as demonstrated by devotees. 

T. Moth - Hillsville, Mi

Global fans of of American Apple Tossing expressed jubilation upon arriving.

Douglas Wyant - Cassopolis, Mi

Many, having flown over the patch work fields of southwest Michigan, have expressed soul centering focus provided by tranquil ambiance.

Harvey - Evanston, Il.

Winners are guaranteed when betting on Trifecta.
Plan your visit to Trilogy.

Karen & John McNelis - Niles, Mi.

For A few more photos click on link -

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Arriving By Ship
Passionate Buyers Find Golden Opportunities

D. R. Wyant

Though Challenged By Infinite Choices

Mainly Art

And Diverse Avenues Of Journey
The Old Crow

Traveling On The Memory Lane Of  The Evolution

Transforming Deep Seated Desires
Paula Rubenstein

Into Visions Of Pastoral Passage

Kabinett & Kammer

While Miniscule Increments of Change Will Transform

Strawser & Smith, Inc.

Utopian Visions Of Unimaginable Tranquility

Papillon Fine Art

Tonsorial Sanctuaries 

Worden Select Objects

Or Gender Bending Automotive Recyclers

South Road Antiques

Upgrading Options Provided Many Attendees With An Enhanced

Selection Of Translucent Yet Never Converging Experiences

Although Barely Audible The Band Played On.

From Here To Eternity

For a few more photos of Stella Pier Show click on link -

Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Makes Tail Wagging a Joy - Valley Stories - Nashville Antiques October 2011

Fresh fruit? or am I stoned?

Karen Buckingham - TX.

They were young, strong, and willing.

Jon Stigler - IN.

Board? Have a sandwich, they were stacked and ready to go.

Matthew Ehresman

Varied views along the trail made the campaign interesting.

Jeff Walton - Ohio

Intersecting points strengthened interest.

Kim & David Leggett - TN.

Fresh to market was offered and accepted.

Robert Perry

Refreshing expectations promised.

David Zabriskie

Celebrity sightings included the rapper -

Don Denkins - Hawaii

and Marlene Dietrich doppelganger.

Jon Stigler - IN.

For who the tin toled.

Suzanne Baker - IN.

As always the Maine attraction was antiques.

Bill Kelly - Maine

Ignore this sign.  Hunting on these premises is always allowed.

Rail traffic was lighter than expected, but was offset by pedestrian enthusiasm.

Sue Hartman - Ma.

Blues lovers told friends of opportunities to be found.

Can someone please identify owner?

Although this was a dry area, beer was spotted.

Tom & Rosie Cheap - IN

Color, form, and perfectly arranged is difficult to ignore.

Suzanne Baker - Indiana

Live strong, the house of tiers will make your planned tramp a reality!

Worden Select Objects - Mi

Many pillars of the empire sought possession.

Robert Perry Antiques - NY

As always click on link for more photos -https://picasaweb.google.com/104143460736784710324/October292011Nashville?authkey=Gv1sRgCJe64fSzmrWcxQE#

Remember Music Valley Shows is moving to Hendersonville in February 2012

Craig & Nancy Cheney - Ohio

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