Saturday, September 28, 2013


In no particular order
2000+ dealers! + 20,000+ customers! = Awesome phenomena
  By popular demand peanut pusher sells out!

Mother-ship, Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market hosting
The Vintage Marketplace !

Shoppers, dealers, travelers and assorted gawkers everywhere!

    Incredible selection of objects for sale with something for every budget.

Nooks, crannies, alleyways, in front of & behind everything... crowds galore!

 Time to search, scour, hunt, and harvest.
Sue Whitney of
was present.

               Industrial strength offerings.

The classics

 The usual suspects.

    Language is the key!

                               If you get the picture

 Different hats fit the job.

  By the wagon full or trailer full, buyers gather up the goods.

                       "wish you were here?"


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Next Springfield Extraganza May 16 - 18 2014 , other Springfield Antique Shows -

Make sure to stop by 'Crazy Uncle Larry's' for a superb pork chop sandwich (1/2 lb burger isn't too shabby either)