Thursday, May 17, 2012


Bridging the void/absence

Broad horizons, expansive views.


Obscure exits/entrances provide access.

Elliptical cycles refresh glimpses of worldly fixtures.

Richards Outpost

While not a vegetarian it's easy to forget to feed the beast.

Village Braider

Fluctuation of consciousness is inevitable, focus when able.

Paula Rubenstein

More than the floor.


The egg doesn't fall far from the nest.

Worden Select Objects

Really should have asked "How much is that cat in the window?"

Traveling light is not an option, the road winds even when the light is red.

Never be surprised to find full service is not available in all states.

See real lovers by moonlight.

Darwin Bearley

Sometimes I feel so close....
Jeff Roelof

.....I can almost taste it.

Vesuvio Bakery

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Content here by no means represents a comprehensive view of the Stella Pier Show (for that you would have to personally attend).