Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ann Arbor Antiques Market - May 2011

Commonly mistaken preconceptions.

Tom Brown - Indiana

"Let's look around.  Maybe we can find one for less."

Charles Gerhardt - Ohio

"I'm sure they would break up the set"

Thatcher Goetz - Michigan

"Let's think about it.  If someone else buys it well, it just wasn't meant to be".

James Klein - Michigan

"No need to buy, I could make you one of those".

Ridgefield Gallery

" 48" X 72"? Would you have one 47" x 73"? Could it be cut down?"

Rust.2 - Michigan

"My grandparents had a wagon just like this, except it was metal not wood and the wheels were much smaller.  Grandmother painted it pink when aunt Mary was small, but now it is rusty because we've let it sit outside for the last 20 years". Adds, " But if it's worth this much I guess we better bring it in or maybe you'd like to buy it?"

No misconceptions here some smart shopper nabbed this quilt first thing.

Butter Beans Antiques - Michigan

"Postcards, do you have any postcards?"

Marta & Don Orwig - Indiana

"Could this table be used outside?"

Mongenas Antiques - Ohio

"What are those?"

Sanussi Janneh - Ohio

Drive by splat fails to break glass.

Worden Select Objects - Michigan

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Next market June 18 - 19 2011

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A miniscule slice of a panoramic event or blurred visions of the semi conscience.

'Heart of the Mart' pre-setup

Prototype of Alaska's 'Bridge to Nowhere'....
No stimulus was used.

The ride to Brimfield was smooth and seamless.

It pays to know the system.
While helter skelter works,
A plan is also good.

Listen, Look, and Learn.

Many come searching for .......

Others know and are more than willing to share.

Colors attracted eager gatherers.

Iron clad guarantees conveyed
that it is safe to buy.

Like a whirling dervish; thousands came, traded goods
and currencies, then vanished as quickly as they arrived.

A few were reported to stay the entire week.
I think they're called residents.

Once a mighty river now a quiet meadow...... who knew?


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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chicago Botanic Garden Show - Reflections of Self

More important than what you heard is what you might have seen.

Nourishment is multifaceted.

My Grandmother had none of this stuff.

Faustina Pace

Stimuli is current and encouraged.

Thistle - Illinois

Capital well placed will open many a gate or, once rested,
deliver a dividend.

Finnegan Gallery

The Sun neither rises or sets, we merely move on.
"If I had the time I wouldn't mind."

Worden Select Objects

A slice of time.
A photo captures a fraction of a second of fluidity.

Jeffrey Henkel

Color me blue "Self Portrait of a Chiseler"
What color is your home?

Village Braider

Don't forget to Milk It.
Rations not applicable in some states.

Cottage & Camp

The truly faithful's epiphany will lift the curtain of obscurity.

Praiseworthy Antiques Inc.

The full impact of reality is purposely diluted in order to
achieve a level of comfort.

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