Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Days 3 Ideas 3 Oaks Or Why Liver is Near Trilogy

With only a light rain forecast for the the day, I decided on a ride to Trilogy in Three Oaks, Michigan.
Commentators note: steady rain from 12am - 12am

Karen & John McNelis - Niles, Mi

I arrived slightly disheveled and famished from my 70 mile ride.


Luckily, Trilogy offered quite a spread. 
Disclaimer, fare not suited for all palates.

Laura Soskin - Wilmette, Il.

Fortunately the line was short as many had already eaten loafs & fishes.
Note: The Goodyear blimp appeared to have been seasonally festooned.

Harvey - Evanston, Il.

Being so close to beautiful Lake Michigan I briefly considered going for a swim, but local lifeguard advised against it due to high tide. 

Also due to time constraints, I decided instead to pick up a few shells for the shore.

T. Moth - Hillsville, Mi

Roman's bare boned approach to the tower of desire left little in the tithe cup.

Brandon Nelson - Michigan

Props were gathered for the upcoming production of "Pickers in Paradise"

Worden Select Objects - Burr Oak, Mi.

The regional Sunday practice of grinding the gossip as demonstrated by devotees. 

T. Moth - Hillsville, Mi

Global fans of of American Apple Tossing expressed jubilation upon arriving.

Douglas Wyant - Cassopolis, Mi

Many, having flown over the patch work fields of southwest Michigan, have expressed soul centering focus provided by tranquil ambiance.

Harvey - Evanston, Il.

Winners are guaranteed when betting on Trifecta.
Plan your visit to Trilogy.

Karen & John McNelis - Niles, Mi.

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