Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Show Show or Where We Go - Trilogy

While  every waking minute of Antique Show Wanderer's life is consumed by getting ready for, traveling to and from, and participating in antique shows; some times, but not very often, a divergence from that path occurs.  This is one of them.


A trip to Three Oaks, Michigan home of Trilogy Antiques & Design.  A cooperative gallery 
with a diverse group of art & design dealers offering an equally diverse range of material.

Brandon Nelson owner and manager with Wanderette reflecting.

Exhibitors stand out for their uniqueness.

Floyd Gompf

When creating a piece of art carefully choose what you put on your palette.

While perspectives are slightly askew that is which makes them extraordinary.

Douglas Wyant

Simple yet exotic

Soskin / Bleeker Street

Unexpected, colorful and curious.

Scale and concept is promising, while relaxing is guaranteed.

Melanie Secreto

Undertone is washed in waves of definition.

Melanie Secreto

Following the light will lead to a new awakening.

Kugler / Rasnick

With no questions asked all will be answered.

With a split decision the quest will be served.

Bruce Hawkins

Layers of passion when illuminated shall provide direction.

Sun Rise

Moon Set

Release brings clarity

Elizabeth Coyle

Global outreach is within grasp

Soskin / Bleeker Street

Mystery of  Friendly Floaters solved.

Karen & John McNelis

Hearts Desires

Worden Select Objects

Three Oaks, Michigan is located in the southwest corner of the state near both Lake Michigan and the Indiana state line or 75 miles around the lake from Chicago.
If you are near by, stop in.

For more photos of Trilogy click on link -

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