Sunday, March 20, 2011


Wanderer returns to NYC.
Completing the winter trifecta.
An overview of the journey.

Paula Rubenstein Ltd. - NYC

Additional reasons for returning to NYC.

Eileen' Special Cheesecake shop

Metropolitan View

82nd street from the steps of the MET.

Largest continuous antique show in NYC.  One of the world's largest with over 2 million works of art contained within the 2 million square foot museum.

Wanderers from everywhere converge here.


and there.

Roy Lichtenstein

Weather was great as motorcyclists from Quebec arrived here.

In the booth of Ray Kisber

Nero 'romed' the aisles looking for change

Cottage & Camp

The movement to advance the revolution has been frozen in time.

Totally Bruce

Samplings resonate endlessly within our journey.

Metropolitan Museum

Rippling within the gray scale, cascading into new avenues of linear dispersion.

Worden Select Objects - Michigan

Our presence in the time stream renders us individually all but invisible, yet cultural artifacts document our existence. (541 people were in this booth but none were there long enough to be captured by the camera)

Pre-View, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Message to your Leader

D.R.Wyant -Michigan

Spring has arrived and

Adelaide - NYC

Time Space Curve resets game
No rollover rules apply.

WSO - Michgan

***As always for additional photos of March 2011 Stella Pier Show click on link -

For some great nosh & nibbles check out -
Russ and Daughters

Life is short make sure to enjoy it.

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