Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chicago Botanical Garden Arts & Antiques 2012

Everyone loves a garden party.

The ever present Style was in attendance.

The Golden Triangle - Illinois

Wistful longings of romanticism.

David Zabriskie - New York

Solitude an illusion created by space.

Linda & Howard Stein - Pennsylvania  with Scott Estepp - Ohio

Message boards beckon buffs.

Julie Harris - Iowa

Long standing rules and regulations breached.

Elliott & Elliott - Michigan

The cat was not concerned.

Scott Estepp - Ohio

9 going on 10 Lord Monocle maintains focus.

Rick Ege - Missouri

Suggestive symbols evade comprehensive connections.

Al  Linder - Minnesota

Slow motion evaluation defies temporal recognition.

Lone Ranger - Florida

Organic Mother involvement develops a wholeness of being.

Finnegan Gallery - Illinois

Making plans interferes with spontaneity.

Worden Select Objects - Michigan

Involvement with nature influences personal surroundings.

Plum - Illinois

Squirrel concerned with abundance.

Robert's Antiques - Michigan

Zeus makes dinner plans? Or are we Bar-b-queuing tonight?

Kimball & Bean - Illinois

Or you could spend it on something you like!

Ronnie & Guy Weil - Pennsylvania

Limits and barriers are self constructed and maintained.
Try to expand beyond them.

For more photos of the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden  Fair - click on link -

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