Saturday, June 25, 2011

Harwinton Antiques & Design Weekend - June 11 -12 2011

Eager exhibitors.......

Although rural some traffic backups can always occur

New to management third generation staffer surveys show for possible glitches

Graham Jenkins

While rabbits mysteriously disappeared, many pennies joined together  to form giant pawn.  UHF antenna suspected to be cause.

Margaret Doyle

Welcome rugs were remove from entry due to wet feet.

"Horse Barn"

Harwinton, idyllic perceived.

David Ramsay

Tranquility envisioned.

Nancy Fishelson

Convex situations present opportunity for multiple interpretations.

Mark Morris

The art of success requires flexible acceptance.

Worden Select Objects

Appreciating the ancestral lineage of the event, old fans were in attendance.

Greg Kramer

Americana was abundantly represented.

Steve Smoot

Harwinton Antiques & Design Weekend.

Dogs allowed with or without appropriate attire.

The door's open....... stop on in Sept. 3-4

Victor Weinblatt


The presentation here is but a small window view

of the  Harwinton Antiques And Design Show.  To experience the total depth of this event you must attend.

For a few more photo's of Harwinton Antiques & Design Weekend -

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