Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slabs, Storytellers and Sewing Machines

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Wanderette and Myself were recently at
Stella Pier Show, New York

Ben Stein driving a taxi?
Part of the new reality series "How I Make My Money"

While our choice of transport vehicles was not as large as some- 
Norman Brosterman -

it was bigger than some-

Paul Smith -,1279,SP.html

Humanity streamed by (and stopped) both Saturday and Sunday

Some for Breakfast or Lunch

Judith & James Milne

Others for Peanuts or Ice Cream

Victor Weinblatt

Some for latest decor

Schorr & Dobinsky

For Others The Perfect Mix

Margaret Doyle Antiques


David Allan Ramsey Antiques

Or Cool

Worden Select Objects

As always ASW selections gravitate towards personal preference and by no means comes close to representing the total breadth of what is offered at Stella Pier Show, in order to experience this you will have to attend the next show.

Americana & Antiques @ The Pier
January 22-23 2011  

The Pier Antiques Show
March 12-13 2011


From Here To Antiquity -


Michele Fox -

What Color Am I?

D.R. Wyant Antiques

Living the Dream

Janet West

Born to Trade

Oakland Art & Antiques

Position of Ideals

Paula Rubenstein Antiques

Sextet Take One


Time to Take a Nap


So Back to Our Cruise Ship

Brooklyn Bruce

And Wave Good Bye to NY

429 Broadway (at Howard, 1blk N of Canal)

What is your favorite restaurant in New York?

Make sure and check out all the photos from this trek -

Reinvent, Re-purpose, Re-imagine =Reinvigorate


  1. You two are THE BEST! Have a great holiday season, prosperous shows, and a happy and healthy (maybe even wealthy?) New Year.
    Victor & Bob

  2. Anonymity is highly over-rated.
    V & B