Sunday, September 26, 2010


Continuing on my Farmington / Brimfield, dispersion/foray ..... 
With FA&DW over, it is now "focus on Brimfield"!
My purpose for attending has changed many times over the years, but one constant has remained - Brimfield, above all others, is THE place to gather current trends, info, insights, and meet with friends from all over the globe.

And all over the country.

These two were from out of this world, but with 8 hands each they were ready to buy..... tethered so not to get separated from one another.... though wishing they had flown the larger H3.

                                   Worden Select Objects

Antique Show Wandering consists of -Travel of course! 
And, when not driving across the country, one sets out on foot in pursuit of observations,  market sampling, and gathering of all things material, spiritual and...... of the buzz.

                 The goods!

                              Love Train Antiques

                                  OR I what?

                        Gathering of goods

                            Dispersing of goods

                                                                                  Clay Benson's

              Resonating the market.

Finally, reflecting on the experience.

For more photos of September 2010 Brimfield click on link-

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